10 Recent TV Moments That Made No Sense

These TV shows let nonsense take over.

Hijack Amanda
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TV shows are produced on such hectic schedules, typically involving large ensemble casts and thousands of moving parts going at a frantic pace, enough that it's little surprise mistakes and inconsistencies often slip through the cracks. No series is perfect, after all.

But sometimes the big issues come more at a higher creative level, where the showrunners and writers clearly haven't put sufficient thought into a story beat, character revelation, or plot twist. And fans being fans, they sure as hell notice.

That's certainly the case with these 10 TV shows aired over the past year, each of which did something that just made no damn sense at all.

No matter how beloved and acclaimed these series might've otherwise been - though some certainly weren't either in the slightest - these scenes and moments left the vast majority of viewers scratching their heads in disbelief.

From ultimately minor leaps in logic which have chipped away at fans ever since, to absolutely gigantic plot holes, ludicrous subplots, and everything in-between, these moments represent TV at its most nonsensical throughout the last 12 months...

10. Carmy Gets Locked In The Fridge - The Bear

Hijack Amanda

The Bear's generally phenomenal second season concludes with an episode where Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) gets locked inside his restaurant's walk-in fridge when the handle breaks off.

It's a pay-off to the fact that Carmy has been meaning to get the handle fixed for a good while, yet being preoccupied with the restaurant's opening, he simply forgot to do it.

Except, as many, many viewers pointed out following the episode's airing, every walk-in fridge installed at a restaurant will have a safety latch on the inside, allowing anyone potentially trapped inside to easily free themselves in the event of catastrophe.

Yet, for dramatic reasons, this is curiously ignored in the episode, which concludes with the staff bringing in power tools to effectively saw the door open.

While the final moments of the episode show sparks flying inside the fridge as Carmy waits to be freed, this itself doesn't make much sense either - all a handyman would need to do is remove the screws on the door's hinges in order to get him out.

Granted, The Bear is a brilliant enough show - and categorically not a documentary - that it's easy to ignore most instances of dramatic license, though this one did feel more contrived than most.


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