10 Ridiculously Controversial Stand Up Comedians You Need To See

1. Louis CK

louisck Louis is a 45 year old fat, balding, divorced single father of two kids. He is nothing that you would expect from one of the most talked about controversial comedians in the world today. Yet all of Louis CK€™s negative qualities he is the best comic working today, he sells out theatre shows all around America and is starting to tour UK venues too. His humour is smart with a dark world weary edge to it that can€™t help but make you laugh at how truthful his observations are. His hit TV show Louis has been running for three seasons with a 4 upcoming that has been a huge Emmy nominated success for him. The show is a mix of stand-up comedy and crazy real life style sketch bits all infused with Louis€™s dark humour with all the embarrassing pauses, unbelievably strange people, amazing comedic guest stars and Louis€™s constant attempts to try and be a better person and father. No subject if off limits for CK who often talks about raising his daughters in his stage act speaking as a sometimes confused frustrated parent getting out all the dark thoughts he sometimes has. All parents can relate to his humour on this and the crazy things you do when you look after kids and Louis of course loves his kids but uses them to amazing comic effect explaining how rough it is having annoying children to care for. Love is another big subject for Louis being divorced and at a tough age to find another match he speaks so well on how odd people€™s relationships are and how fleeting and sometimes pointless they are. He is open about his own life problems from his weight to his appearance even his own masturbation told in a very assured self-deprecating way that shows there is no part of his life he won€™t use on stage to make people laugh. http://youtu.be/KFwBH2fb2E0 Some of his other most controversial well known bits come on a range of highly subjective subjects from the luck of being born white to his funny sets on rape or 911, Louis CK is one of the rare smart comics that given time can up with funny light hearted material to even the most extreme upsetting subject. He enjoys doing those offensive jokes knowing that is where making someone laugh over a subject they shouldn€™t is so much more rewarding for a comic. Overall I€™m sure some people reading this will be offended clicking on the YouTube links or see me saying stuff like rape jokes are funny and that€™s find comedy is very subjective. We don€™t all find the same things funny but if you love controversial comedians with clever and witty dark edged material then in my opinion these 10 comics are the best in the business. I€™m sure you will disagree with the list I made I€™m sure I€™ve missed out comedians you think are far more extreme and controversial than these 10 if there are please use the comments section to appeal my choices.

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