10 Ridiculously Controversial Stand Up Comedians You Need To See

2. Frankie Boyle

frankie boyle The most controversial comedian working in the UK today Frankie Boyle has turned cruel and offensive jokes into his trademark and turns in big sell-out crowds from people who want to hear his foul mouthed material. He is widely regarded as the most offensive comedian working the UK today but is hugely popular because of it working for people who want to hear only the foulest jokes possible. Frankie came to the public€™s attention on the topical panel show Mock the Week where he showed himself as being quick witted and funny on topical events with a very left field dark view of the world. His dark comedy was an instant hit with people loving the weekly apocalyptic rants from the Scot about city€™s rising up on hydraulic legs or about the supposed black hole machine that could end the earth. Most of the stuff he did was too extreme for the show to broadcast but Frankie never stopped trying and this all helped to make Mock the Week a big hit. His stand up shows too were boosted greatly by his appearances on TV as he uses the same quick wits and political satire material that he used on Mock the Week. He kept in lots of the more controversial and deliberately offensive material that was cut from TV to test the boundaries of every audience he performed in front of. http://youtu.be/mGR8GN6U0yw Frankie€™s most controversial moments came from his Channel 4 show which featured sketches and stand up bits that sometimes felt like they had been filmed just to rile and piss people off in the most offensive way possible. It did cross the line between good controversial humour and just some downright ugly nasty stuff I do believe at his best Frankie is one of the best examples of someone being smart and using offensive humour to great effect blurring the line between being offensive and just telling a joke, more recently however he does seem to have slipped into just saying offensive things for a crowd with no clever thought or reason behind them which is of course wrong and nothing anyone decent would approve of. On his day however no one works controversy into jokes better than Frankie Boyle.
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