10 Ridiculously Controversial Stand Up Comedians You Need To See

3. Daniel Tosh

daniel tosh Daniel Tosh hosts his own internet based clip show called Tosh.0 on Comedy Central which over the past few years has become a big hit in America and is now starting to make waves in the UK. The show is famous for the insane NSFW clips but also for Tosh€™s deadpan humour, fast paced delivery and of course the extremely controversial subjects and jokes he makes every single show. Tosh€™s jokes are purposefully extreme and taboo going for as many avoided and untalked about subjects as it€™s possible for a comic to go at. He has more an on stage persona than most American comics acting like a high and mighty pompous man which allows him to act like an asshole to help him use sick jokes and upsetting punch lines that normal comedians couldn€™t. It€™s a joke persona that gives his jokes more a kick and allows him to say things in context that normal people would never get away with. He covers race, acts like a misogamist to woman and belittles woman€™s rights while mocking subjects like abortion and illegal immigrants all under a clear comedic act. He sometimes even acts like he is gay creating confusion about his sexuality which again is a great way to show people that what he is doing on stage is an act designed to bring shocked laughter from a crowd out of his controversial material. http://youtu.be/VFT_gNTgm-k He finds no subject a taboo getting in trouble recently for a joke made at a small comedy club in which he made a joke about rape and a woman in the crowd heckled to complain about it. Tosh€™s quick witted response was to carry on with rape jokes wondering if it would be funny if the woman who heckled him would get raped. This is of course upsetting and offensive but he is a stand up on stage so chances are high that he wasn€™t belittling or underestimating rape but just trying to make a joke about it. Tosh has a lot of online fan support too with over 4 million Twitter followers who enjoy his fast paced one line jokes and teasingly offensive statements designed to make you laugh hard at the pure taboo of the punch line. He is far more a joke smith than other American comedians but no one can match him in terms of controversial material even if it is all under the mask of a clear on stage persona.
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