10 Saddest Doctor Who Moments

All of time and space. Anywhere and everywhere. But why must the adventures be so sad?


Doctor Who is genuinely a fun filled family adventure series. It's protagonist, the Doctor, can take the viewer across all of eternity inside their little wooden box. Which just so happens to be bigger on the inside.

Despite the sense of wonder, excitement, and genuine thrills of being whisked away to any destination in space and time, there has to be a sense of consequence. These moments arise to remind the viewer that everything in the Doctor's life isn't all positive and can be downright upsetting.

From time to time, Doctor Who decides to pluck at our heart-strings and make us incredibly sad. In some cases, the show really wants us to cry our eyes out, and sob away until the end of time itself. We grow attached to the characters involved, so naturally when something negative happens, and they become upset, we feel their pain and want to reach out with concern.

Let us take a look at some of those deep moments, and remind ourselves how emotionally driven, and powerful Doctor Who can be.

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