10 Simple Fixes That Would’ve Improved Doctor Who

Sometimes a simple fix can be the difference between laughter and terror...

Weeping Angels

Over the past 60 years, Doctor Who has given us some amazing characters and told some truly astonishing stories. From one-off belters like Blink to more complex story arcs spanning across multiple seasons (like the mystery of River Song), these moments remind viewers just how remarkable this wibbly-wobbly series can be.

However, it goes without saying that, with so many decades worth of content, there are always going to be moments that don’t quite hit the mark. It’s impossible to strike gold every single time, and there are certainly a good few moments in Doctor Who that could do with some tweaks.

Whether it’s the removal of a misjudged redesign, a slight production alteration to improve an otherwise laughable monster, or an added moment of affection to broaden a scene just that little bit further, these simple fixes could’ve massively improved those Doctor Who moments that didn’t quite hit the nail on the head…

10. Film The Doctor And River’s Confrontation At The Same Time As The Impossible Astronaut

Weeping Angels

When Series 6 opened with a mysterious astronaut rising from Lake Silencio and shooting the Doctor dead, there was universal confusion as to who was in the space suit. By the time The Wedding of River Song aired, the pieces had been put together to reveal that it was River, trapped in a pre-programmed suit by The Silence.

The Impossible Astronaut version of that scene was filmed on location in Utah, but The Wedding of River Song version was clearly recorded at another time with the use of a green screen. A rather shoddy green screen too, with these unconvincing visual effects proving a huge distraction during what should’ve been the most engaging and emotional scene of the entire series.

And that’s not to mention the blatant lack of continuity between the two versions. The original astronaut uses one green-finger-tipped hand to open the visor, whereas River uses both hands, which have suddenly changed to clear finger tips. The Doctor’s hair, the reflection in the helmet, and the mountains in the background don’t match up either.

River Song

The simple way to fix most of these inconsistencies would’ve been to shoot both versions of the scene whilst on location. Understandably, the reason behind the latter scene being recorded in a studio was due to both episodes being filmed by different directors - although that shouldn’t have been an issue for one short scene - not to mention spoilers potentially being leaked by fans who had spotted the filming in America.

And we all know how River Song feels about spoilers!

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