10 Simple Fixes That Would’ve Improved Doctor Who

9. Actually Show Jack’s Resurrection Abilities In Revolution Of The Daleks

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When Captain Jack Harkness first took that breath of second life in The Parting of the Ways, it opened a whole new chapter in the Time Agent’s life: from that moment on, he was unable to die. Or rather, he was unable to stay dead.

His ability to resurrect himself became a handy tool when trying to force the hand of a menacing alien, or to trick his way into (or out of) places he shouldn’t be. That iconic gasp of new life became the character’s “signature move”, being showcased at least once in almost every episode of Doctor Who he appeared in.

Imagine, then, the disappointment fans felt when Captain Jack made his long-awaited and greatly anticipated return in Revolution of the Daleks, only to remain alive and kicking for the entire runtime. It’s fair to say that most fans were expecting him to die and then dramatically come back to life at least once during the episode, and he even spoke to Yaz, Graham, and Ryan about his resurrection ability too. This seemed very much like Chris Chibnall was planting the seeds for a future scene involving Jack being killed… but that scene never came.

Jack’s “deaths” are among his most iconic moments in Doctor Who, so it was actually quite disappointing when another one wasn’t delivered. It would’ve been pretty simple to script one in considering all the Dalek peril surrounding him in the episode!

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