10 'So Bad It's Good' Classic Doctor Who Stories

9. Revenge Of The Cybermen - 1975

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The first and only Cybermen story of the 1970s sees them haphazardly attempt to attack a planet made of the one substance that is deadly to Cybermen. That's right, the Cybermen try to attack a planet made entirely of gold, which instantly suffocates and clogs their chest units. If you're looking for a solid set of laughs with Doctor Who's iconic tin soldiers, this is the story for you.

The inhabitants of this planet, the Vogans, seem to spend the four episodes endlessly bickering with some of the worst costumes and makeup in the show's history. To add to the hilarity, the Vogans have no clue how to stop the Cybermen, and shoot them aimlessly while being picked off, despite literally being stood on a gold mine of potential Cyberman weaponry.

The story also shows off Doctor Who's incredibly low budget by using stock footage of a NASA rocket launch clearly marked "USA" on the side, instead of creating an effects shot for a missile launch sequence.

Like every piece of 'so bad it's good' media, the production of this story was plagued from the start. The location filming took place in some haunted caves in Somerset, with several spooky incidents befalling the cast and crew.

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