10 Things About Doctor Who That Need To Change

Change my dear. Apparently, not soon enough!

Doctor Who is a programme that sparked the creation of many other programmes when t became a global phenomenal and influenced new writers. It's a show that has brought in a vast ocean of viewers on a phenomenal scale, to the point where it is now seen near enough all over the world with an ever growing international viewership of 70 million. Doctor Who does what it says on the tin. It entertains, educates and evidently inspires. However, there are a few things that the show tends to annoy its viewers with, but for most part... nobody knows what these things are. Since its revival back in 2005, the aspects that annoy fans were less of an issue because it was a brand new show... in a sense. But now in its tenth revived year, there have been issues and tiny details/characteristics that have continued to nag at its loyal viewers the more they think about it. Which is always. Seriously. It keeps us up at night. From the overuse of the Daleks and the complete lack of exploration into the Doctor's pre-time travel life to the relentless use of female characters and the tendency to only base adventures on modern day Earth (the list goes on), this article will focus on what should desperately change for the show's sake. Doctor Who, as a whole, explores new horizons, and it's time that the writers and producers remembered that when planning new episodes.

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