10 Things You Didn't Know About Doctor Who

Because Tom Baker's scarf was a complete accident wardrobe-wise, and people should know this. Hell, even Capaldi's shocked to hear it.

Doctor Who recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and the show is still as popular as ever. Having been revived in 2005, it's since gone from strength to strength and gained a new legion of fans who never got to see the classic episodes. People all around the world tune in to watch the time travelling hero battle enemies and avert disasters across the universe. As the series has been running for so long and had such a diverse group of people working on it there are plenty of intriguing and little known facts about the show. The variety in the show€™s followers, from the very young to incredibly dedicated adults, means that there is a huge amount of information that many will not about the shows past and present. This list counts down 10 bits of trivia that most people simply will not be aware of, from the 1960€™s up until the very last episode. They range from people who almost played the Doctor, famous writers who might have penned scripts, as well as surprising details about the cast, crew and production. Some of the entries will even surprise even the most hardcore Whovians. So sit back and enjoy 10 things you didn€™t know about everyone€™s favourite Time Lord.

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