10 Things You Didn't Know About Doctor Who

10. Daleks Could Levitate In 1973

Daleks made a return to our screens in 2005 when Russell T Davies revived the series. They had an updated look, a new voice actor and several new powers. One of these was an apparent ability to fly. This caused a flurry of controversy amongst some fans who believed that the show had made the iconic villains too powerful. For decades people have made fun of the giant pepper pots for a supposed inherent weakness that made them virtually useless in particulars situation. The fact they had no legs and very little space between their base and the floor made stairs something of a problem for the Daleks. This left fans thinking that they could evade them by climbing up a couple of steps. That€™s not exactly an arch nemesis worthy of the Doctor. However this wasn€™t a power new to the series. A Dalek had used an anti-gravitation device as far back as 1973, in the serial €œPlanet of the Daleks€. Perhaps in response to fan criticism they have even directly levitated up a flight of stairs in pursuit of their adversary in €œRemembrance of the Daleks€. It€™s unsurprising that a race who had mastered space and time travel while raging war across the universe had developed a solution to getting to the top of building without an elevator.

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