10 Things That Would Make Doctor Who Better

There's always room for improvement.

Much like Saturday Night Live, for as long as Doctor Who has been on the air, there are viewers who say, €œIt used to be better". Whether that is indeed the case is up to the individual fan, but even the very best of shows have room for improvement. After 50 years, Doctor Who has been an ever evolving piece of pop culture and storytelling and in the modern era, viewers are able to frequently re-watch and dissect the series, thereby making any perceived flaws more noticeable. However, improving a show isn't merely a case of making sure the script has no holes and continuity errors. Although that's still important. it should accurately reflect the world in which it exists. When there's a show that is supposed to encompass just about anything in the universe and sometimes parallel universes, the complexity of all those possibilities should be acknowledged. Yes, the Doctor is the star of the show but there are also a whole lot of other people along the way who need to be more than cardboard cut-outs at whom the Doctor expounds. So let's toss around some basic-yet-essential ideas about how Doctor Who can become an even better show. First up...
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