10 Things That Would Make Doctor Who Better

10. Incorporate Big Finish Stories

Since Big Finish is now considered canon, after The Night of the Doctor named the Eighth Doctor's companions, the show could make a further effort to incorporate the audio adventure details. Those stories have a wealth of characters and locales that would work well in a visual medium. The Doctor's granddaughter Susan, for example, has made a few returns with her own children, including adventures with the Eighth Doctor, and First Doctor companion Sara Kingdom has been given extended life through the same sort of timey-wimey writing that the regular show loves. Recently, the BBC and Big Finish announced that they would pair up with the release of UNIT: Extinction, starring Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart. It's the first time that a modern Who character has carried over officially to the audio adventures and there's no reason why they cannot do that in the reverse. Yes, the Big Finish stories are less well known but the writers could do it. Have Bernice Summerfield or Charlie Pollard turn up, all out of order a la River Song. Have older Sara Kingdom briefly join the Doctor, beginning where her last audio story, The Guardian of the Solar System, left off. There are so many possibilities and surely there is a licensing agreement that can accommodate them?
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