10 Things The Arrowverse Wishes It Could've Done Differently

10. Emily Bett Rickards' Exit (Arrow)

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There is no denying that Emily Bett Rickards' Felicity Smoak - also known as Overwatch - was a huge asset to Arrow. Initially featuring in a recurring role in Arrow's first season, Rickards was promoted to series regular after her performance impressed Arrow's writers - in addition to her undeniable chemistry with Stephen Amell.

Staying with a show for seven seasons is a big commitment for an actor but unfortunately for audiences, Rickards wasn't willing to make it eight. The season seven finale thus marked Rickards' exit where she was last seen leaving to an unknown destination with The Monitor in an attempt to be reunited with Oliver Queen. The Monitor tells her, "Where I'm taking you, there's no return," so it sounds like we've seen the last of Felicity Smoak.

There is no official confirmation on why Arrow has been cancelled. Therefore we don't know whether Rickards was aware season eight would be the show's last or whether her exit informed the decision. Either way, Felicity was certainly a huge fan-favourite and her absence in the final season will be noticed... we think.

It's hard to imagine Oliver without Felicity. Season eight is yet to unfold and so Rickards' exit can't be deemed as having a negative impact on Arrow with complete certainty. That being said, there's a reason her role was expanded all those years ago. Felicity is the heartbeat of the show.

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