10 Times Doctor Who Appeared Where You'd Least Expect

8. In A Crossover With Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock

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For the duration of the Steven Moffat era, there were regular, semi-serious shouts for him to do a crossover with Doctor Who and Sherlock, two massive shows he was in charge of between 2010 and 2017.

Moffat was asked about this potential crossover on a yearly basis, with his answers ranging from "I'm fine with it", to "it's not going to happen", and as you'd expect, his flip-flopping didn't exactly put the matter to bed.

As time went on, it started to feel like the crossover was never going to happen, so it was a welcome surprise when one extremely talented Doctor Who fan took matters into his own hands. If you want something done... do it yourself.

A few weeks before the Eleventh Doctor's regeneration in 2013, Ben Pickles - or, as most fans will know him as, John Smith VFX - uploaded a video called WhoLock to his YouTube channel, which saw the Eleventh Doctor meet Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock through the magic of visual effects and clever editing.

Though obviously not as polished (or as long) as fans would've wanted from an official crossover, it did scratch that itch, and its popularity helped Pickles get a job on Doctor Who as a VFX artist.

Among a host of other contributions, he created the trippy Series 11 title sequence in 2018, and he did a smashing job, we must say.

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