10 Times Doctor Who Appeared Where You'd Least Expect

7. In A Series Of Unusual Stage Plays

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The enormous scale of Doctor Who doesn't seem best suited for theatre, although considering that everything from Harry Potter to Back to the Future has been turned into a stage play, scale clearly isn't much of an issue.

Even so, newer or younger Who fans might be surprised to learn that the show has indeed been translated to the stage, on more than one occasion.

The earliest of these dates all the way back to December 1965, when The Curse of the Daleks had a month-long run in London at the peak of Dalekmania. This was followed by Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday in 1974, Recall UNIT: The Great Teabag Mystery - quite possibly the most British title ever - in 1984, and The Ultimate Adventure in 1989.

Many of these starred actual cast members from the show, with The Great Teabag Mystery (couldn't resist mentioning that title again) featuring the voice of Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, and The Ultimate Adventure starring Jon Pertwee and Colin Baker as the Doctor, depending on which night you visited.

Sadly, footage of these stage plays is either nonexistent, difficult to track down, or looks like it was filmed with a potato - but on the plus side, various audio adaptations do exist for curious fans. God bless you, Big Finish.

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