10 Times Joker Was Actually The Real Hero

9. Ridding The World Of Alexander Luthor Jr. – Infinite Crisis

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You may well make the argument that this isn’t really the sort of thing that warrants having the “hero” tag placed on you, but man oh man did Alexander Luthor Jr. have it coming!

The Earth-3 son of Lex Luthor, Alexander proved to be a thorough bastard of the highest order throughout 2006’s Infinite Crisis arc. As a story, this particular Crisis had some major ramifications; Jason Todd’s resurrection, the destruction of the Justice League’s Watchtower, and the death of Superboy being just some of the more shocking moments of the tale.

After escaping from the grasp of Batman, Alexander Luthor Jr. was greeted in a Gotham City alley by the Clown Prince of Crime and Lex Luthor. With Lex taunting his alt-world son, The Joker spewed acid into Luthor Jr.’s face before swiftly shooting him in the head from point-blank range.

The reason for the clinical execution of ALJ? Why, that was because he didn’t involve The Joker in his plans. But still, at least the Jester of Genocide was able to put a stop to Alexander’s twisted plans; even if it didn’t exactly follow the Hero 101 handbook.

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