10 Times Star Trek Reused Footage And Hoped You Wouldn't Notice

8. The Excelsior At Warp - Star Trek VI/Generations

Bird Of Prey Star Trek

This is a scene that often finds its way onto reused footage lists, as both Star Trek VI and Star Trek: Generations, despite coming out one after the other, are so intensely rewatchable. With that, this means that these scenes are seen over and over again. There will be another entry from these films on this list, but let's begin with this one.

The Enterprise-B is a refit of the USS Excelsior, with additional struts and fins added to protect the filming model from the damage that the Nexus was going to inflict on it. However, there is a quick shot of the ship traveling at warp, which is simply the footage from the previous film reused.

This was clearly added in as it was deemed too insignificant an amount of time to commit a budget to, especially when it was barely more than a blink and you'll miss it moment. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, both films have been released in HD Blu-Ray, which throws this scene into far greater relief. It is clearly the Excelsior that is traveling at warp in both films.

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