10 Times The Simpsons PREDICTED Future Technology

1. The Baby Translator

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We first encounter Homer's long lost brother, Herb, in Season 2 Episode 15, where we discover he is the opposite to Homer: charismatic, wealthy and has a full head of hair. Herb puts his trust in Homer to design a car for his company which ends in disaster and financial ruin although it isn't a far stretch from the Tesla Cybertruck.

However, in the season finale for Season 3, Herb, voiced by Danny DeVito, tries to make his comeback with his new idea of being able to understand the cries of a newborn child via The Baby Translator.

Nowadays, when you search Baby Translator into your phone's app store, there are pages of apps that claim they can translate the wails of your baby for you. The reviews of these products may be terrible but nevertheless, the idea was forged in Springfield.

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