10 Times The Simpsons PREDICTED Future Technology

2. Hands-Free Camera

Simpsons Go Pro

In Season 5 Episode 13, Apu loses his job at the Kwik-E-Mart for poisoning Homer with out of date food. This episode has many iconic moments including a cameo from James Woods as himself but the most noticeable one is when Homer is asked to spy on Apu by news anchor, Kent Brockman.

In this scene, Homer is given an oversized cowboy hat with a camera hidden within it to capture point-of-view footage in the hopes of getting dirt on Apu. Nowadays, dashboard cameras, cyclists and extreme sports enthusiasts all use some form of hands-free camera to capture impressive footage.

Does anybody want to hazard a guess as to which all seeing, all knowing Simpsons writer wrote this episode and predicted yet another technological advancement? Once again, it was Greg Daniels. We're watching you, Daniels! But I bet you already knew that...

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