10 TV Moments IMPOSSIBLE To Watch Same Way After This

8. Everybody's Shoes Are ALWAYS Clean - The Office

Dexter Saber The Office

There's so much clear attention-to-detail throughout The Office that it's honestly surprising that this amusing mistake slipped through the cracks.

Rather than a single moment, keep your eyes on any character's shoes whenever the underside is shown to the camera, typically when either Michael (Steve Carell) or Ryan (B.J. Novakm) put their feet up on a desk.

The bottom of these shoes aren't just clean - they're very clearly brand new, as in, haven't been worn for more than five minutes before the scenes were shot.

Obviously the production reasoning is that every single actor on The Office likely wore dozens of pairs of shoes throughout the show and only wore them for filming, so of course they'd be immaculate.

Within the world of the show, though, it's distracting that they look so impossibly spotless, especially in Ryan's case given that he's working and living in New York, which isn't exactly known for its spotlessly clean streets.

A nitpick? Perhaps, but you won't be able to forget it.


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