10 TV Shows That Just Got Renewed

9. The Conners

Oscars 2020 The Conners

Roseanne's return in 2018 was a huge win for ABC, at least for a short time. The revival was a genuine TV event, pulling in unprecedented viewers for the 9-episode return season. The critical response was positive as well, and it was clear ABC were onto something.

A follow up was a no brainer, but the next batch of episodes were cancelled before production could begin due to star Roseanne Barr being fired by the network over a racist comment.

The Conners, a spin-off starring popular Roseanne characters, took its place, launching later in 2018. John Goodman returned as Dan Conner, with the show chronicling the life of his family following Roseanne's fictional death.

While not hitting the heights of the main show, the spin-off has been a consistent performer for ABC, and as of May 2020 has been renewed for a full third season. The series has managed to forge its own identity while complimenting its roots, and could enjoy the same longevity.


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