10 TV Shows Which Didn't Get Better With Age

9. Community

The inventive cult favourite grew a solid fanbase thanks to its sharp dialogue, clever one-liners and array of pop cultural references. While these were all great traits, a noticeable downturn into madcap humour and an over reliance on referential humour gradually sunk the show's quality.

Community suffered a severe setback when creator Dan Harmon was fired. Season 4 and all of its gas leak glory had fans complaining about a shark jump. Episodes relied much too heavily on gimmickry, short changing the characterisations and developments that had initially won so many viewers over. When it was announced that Harmon would be returning, many hoped that Season 4 was simply an aberration we could all move on from.

While Season 5 was indeed an improvement on its predecessor, it was not quite up to par with the show's highly acclaimed early days. With various departures and sagging ratings, NBC pulled the plug on the series.

For a brief spell, it seemed the show mantra of six seasons and a movie would live on when it was renewed for one season by Yahoo. Four years later, though, and the long discussed movie is yet to appear, leaving the series on a rather disappointing note.

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