10 TV Shows Which Didn't Get Better With Age

8. Sons Of Anarchy

The ludicrous but entertaining biker series got off to a solid start with two seasons of all-American biker madness. Charlie Hunnam's charismatic portrayal of Jax Teller lead the show nicely. Ron Perlman's also in it, that alone gives the series a gold star. Riding around biker clubs, strip joints and bars of California, the show hooked viewers with ease.

It was the trip to Ireland in Season 3 that started this show's march to stupidity. Episodes overflowed with idiotic, often offensive stereotypes of Irish culture and some of the worst accents ever put to screen. Cringe-inducingly inane, the Irish episodes succeeded only in making everyone involved look utterly ridiculous.

Beyond that, the series begins to focus less on biker culture and more on violent, depressing soap opera. Never the pinnacle of realism, the plot lines grew too implausible to enjoy.

Jax developed a borderline supernatural capacity for convincing anyone to do anything in later seasons. All the same, he needed a child to spell out that his mum knocked his wife off, making him look like a fool in the final season. Throw in episodes that last way beyond their welcome, and you had a series that went out with a whimper.

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