10 TV Shows Which Didn't Get Better With Age

7. The Walking Dead

The ratings juggernaut gradually declined from decent (if slightly repetitive) storytelling to revolving around which character will die this week. Needless to say, this formula does not create must-see TV, a fact reflected in the series' declining popularity in recent years.

The firing of initial showrunner Frank Darabont was the first sign of trouble ahead. The abysmal handling of Andrea in Season 3 was the next one. Devoid of the personality traits that had made her a favourite in the source material, the character was eliminated in a terribly handled death scene.

Fans often cite the prison flu plot line of Season 4 as another key moment in the show's quality drop. The flu itself almost exclusively targeted the secondary characters Rick took in at the end of Season 3, making their initial inclusion rather pointless. Plots would often start and then be dropped without warning, while other, duller subplots would eat up too much of a season.

By Season 6, episodes become so poorly constructed that the show's thrill factor is null and void. Worse than being bad, The Walking Dead became boring, the biggest sin a series can ever commit.

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