10 TV Shows You Thought Got Cancelled (But Weren't)

Believe it or not, Citadel is coming back for more.

Citadel TV

There's arguably never been a more volatile time in the world of TV, for though there's more content than ever being produced at present, the security of new shows feels uniquely imperiled.

As streaming services scramble to figure out what constitutes a hit and what's worth investing in for the future, shows are getting both cancelled and renewed on a dime, and with so many series in flux at any given moment, it's tough to keep track of it all.

And that's doubly true in an especially chaotic year for Hollywood, with the second half of 2023 defined by not one but two industry-shaking strikes.

And so, you couldn't be blamed for assuming that a number of scarcely whispered-about shows ended up getting quietly cancelled throughout the year, no matter that this actually isn't the case at all.

These 10 TV shows, whether due to mixed reviews, so-so viewing figures, or the network's strangely quiet regard for them, all seemed like they'd joined the pile of cancelled content over the past year, but in fact, they're all coming back for more in the near future...

10. Halo

Citadel TV

Paramount's Halo series was a colossal let-down for many reasons, and though the show's premiere marked a viewership record for streaming service Paramount+, the polarising fan response made it easy to believe that its viewing figures must've swiftly dipped throughout the season.

And yet, Paramount announced earlier this year that Halo was their most-watched original series throughout 2022, topping even their hugely successful Western drama Yellowstone.

And to take it one step further, Paramount actually quietly greenlit Halo's second season more than a month before the first even started airing, suggesting their absolute confidence in its success.

If you haven't had your ear to the ground, though, it was easy to take the vitriolic fan reaction as indicative of Halo's outright failure, because if it couldn't please fans, how could it ever succeed?

The strong viewership, however, suggests two things: casual sci-fi fans who've never played the games are really digging the show, and a lot of gamers have stuck with it, perhaps out of a misplaced sense of obligation.

Either way, season two wrapped shooting all the way back in May and is due to premiere on February 8th of next year.

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