10 Underrated Current Sci-Fi TV Shows You Need To Be Watching

5. The 100

The Expanse
The CW

It’s a bit of a contradiction to call a show going into its fifth season ‘underrated’, yet despite its cult following, this CW show’s low ratings and lack of critical plaudits bizarrely reflect just that.

Starting off as an intriguing mix between Lost and Lord Of The Flies, as 100 convicted juveniles are sent down from a dying spaceship to find out if a long-abandoned earth is habitable. The cast of young model types are forced through a bevvy of harsh realities and lethal consequences from the moment they touch down.

And therein lies one of the shows biggest assets, the solid writing makes you invest in these fresh-faced youths yet they are constantly thrown through the wringer, with severe consequences and shattering drama occurring relentlessly. By season 4 most of these fresh faces are believably withered and battle-worn, a journey the audience has emotionally joined them on.

The future version of earth is consistently intriguing as well. At first feeling like a greener version of Mad Max, yet as every layer is peeled back, so is another alluring answer to how this world's destruction initially occurred, and what the main group can do to resolve it.

Its overlooked status really boils down to the network as it seems if CW isn’t matched with a DC Comic in the premise, its shows are dismissed by the mainstream as formulaic teen fodder, and in most cases, they’d be right, except with this show.

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