10 Upcoming TV Shows You Are NOT Ready For

Seth Rogen's doing what with a sausage on the small screen?!

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2022 will likely go down in history as one of the most freakishly stacked calendar years of small-screen goodness humanity has ever been exposed to.

Since January, fans of binge-watching or tuning in for weekly instalments of many a show have been treated to the latest chunk of Stranger Things, THREE Star Wars live-action TV tales, THREE outings for Marvel Studios on Disney+, and not to mention a Game of Thrones spin-off and Amazon's long-awaited Rings of Power epic, to seriously name but a few.

Simply put, it's been a hell of a year for folks curled up on their couch.

But if you thought the upcoming years were destined to struggle to top the routinely shocking and game-changing events that have unfolded on television sets the world over in 2022, a quick look at what is on the streaming and terrestrial TV horizon is enough to suggest the best may, somehow, be yet to come. Whether you're ready for it or not!

From small-screen spin-offs and sequels to already beloved big-screen properties perhaps paving the way for more unexpected greatness, to some of cinema's most respected minds once again lending their legendary talents to the world of television, even after taking in the contents of this list, you still likely won't be prepared for what the world of TV has in store for you in the not too distant future.

10. Gangs Of New York

Doctor Who The Power of the Doctor David Tennant
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Iconic filmmaker Martin Scorsese has seemingly found himself becoming more and more involved in the world of small-screen storytelling over the last decade or so.

In the last year alone, Scorsese has been overseeing the long-awaited Hulu TV adaptation of The Devil In The White City, with that planned show taking another hit recently with the dropping out of both Keanu Reeves and Todd Field as leading figure Daniel H. Burnham and series' director, respectively.

But while that particular adaptation appears to be experiencing a bit of turbulence at this current moment, Scorsese fanatics will no doubt be pleased to hear that the legendary presence behind the camera is also helping to kick off a Gangs of New York series in the coming years, too.

According to recent reports, Scorsese will once again be aiming to get a Gangs show off the ground after his 2013 attempt to do so, this time teaming with Miramax Television to help create a new "high-profile" spin on Herbert Asbury’s 1927 titular novel. Along with executive producing, Marty will also be on hand to direct the first two episodes, penned by writer Brett Leonard, that will supposedly focus on characters that weren't present in Scorsese's Oscar-nominated 2002 big-screen adaptation.

Just when you thought it was safe to head back onto the streets, eh...


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