10 Upcoming TV Shows You Are NOT Ready For

9. Daredevil: Born Again

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Marvel Studios

If the sight of Charlie Cox rocking up in many an MCU project of late and Vincent D'Onofrio rocking back into the Marvel universe as Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye towards the backend of last year wasn't enough to get you giddy about the concept of Daredevil finally returning to the small-screen, then... what more do you want?

Well, maybe the news of this much-wanted return of Cox's Matt Murdoch reportedly being set for a whopping 11 months of shooting from February 2023 onwards will be enough to convince you that a truly epic 18 episodes of (hopefully) gritty, crime-fighting brilliance will be heading your way by 2024.

That and the fact the show is said to be shooting on location in New York (without a Volume or LED stage in sight perhaps) bodes well for Murdoch's solo-series return, with a noticeably authentic feeling Hell's Kitchen no doubt helping ground a story that could see the MCU finally step into far more mature territory on the small-screen.

And there's every chance Cox and D'Onofrio's presence in the upcoming Echo series could add a few more intriguing elements to this already compelling production, too.

All in all, this Born Again icon's return to the TV stage is shaping up to be one that could alter the small-screen corner of the MCU forever.


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