10 Ways The Boys TV Show Is Different From The Comics

10. The Deep's Entire Story Arc

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In the show, The Deep is an aquatic member of The Seven who goes through an existential crisis after he is outed as a sexual predator. Despite playing a major role in the first two seasons, The Deep is the least significant team member in the original saga.

When Starlight is asked to join The Seven in the comic, she is sexually assaulted by Homelander, A-Train, and Black Noir, not The Deep. In fact, this marine superhero is the only male member of the team who isn't a sex-crazed lunatic. He makes it clear that he isn't fond of Starlight, but he never acts monstrously towards her. Throughout the story, his main concern is making money from merchandise.

His physical appearance in the comic is also dramatically different, as in the comics The Deep is a Black man who wears a very heavy looking diver suit. He can physically take off his headgear but refuses to (even when he has sex), since his employer, Vought, devised a backstory for his "character" which states an Atlantean curse has damned him to wear his helmet forever.

Despite the fact he is depicted with gills on his abdomen in the show, he does not share this trait in the comics.

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