10 Weirdest Adverts Featuring Star Trek Actors

9. Atlantic Banking - Leonard Nimoy

In 1979, the year of one of the greatest Star Trek films of them all, Leonard Nimoy cashed in on his Trek fame while appearing in this advert for Atlantic Banking. He beams in at the beginning before talking about credit and chequing accounts.

As it has now been more than forty years since this ad aired, there is a certain demographic of the audience who probably won't know exactly what he's talking about. That's perfectly fine - a chequing account was an incredibly time-consuming way of fulfilling an IOU to someone. Imagine PayPal and then imagine utilising it via snail mail.

Clearly playing on the popularity of the character, the exact date of this ad's release is uncertain, although it's unlikely that it wasn't designed to play on the popularity of the Motion Picture. And, as Nimoy had only recently settled a large lawsuit against Paramount Pictures for unlicensed use of his image in advertising and merchandising, bringing back his stamp on what was Spock-related simply feels right in this short advert.

Even if we can't imagine going back to chequing accounts. Sorry, you want paper currency? Bizarre.


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