10 WHAT IF…? Comics Marvel Needs To Adapt For Season 2

9. What If... Thor Was Raised By Frost Giants?

What If
Marvel Comics

Season one showed what would happen if Odin gave Loki back to Laufey rather than taking him back to Asgard, but what if the story was turned on its head completely? What if the Frost Giants defeated Asgard all those ages ago, and Thor instead was taken by the King of Jotunheim and Asgard destroyed.

The story starts much the same, with Laufey doting on Thor rather than Loki, with the God of Mischief still having to live in his adoptive brother's shadow. However, he found solace in talking to Thor's true mother, Freyja, in the Jotun dungeons.

Years later, Thor, God of Winter, is as loyal a subject as Laufey could ever wish, and he is granted the weapon of Ice Crusher, essentially Jotunheim's equivalent to Mjolnir. When charged with killing Loki and Freyja after they escaped to the wasteland that used to be Asgard, Thor accidentally killed his real mother in the scuffle.

Thor's story throughout the MCU has been tragic, as he has lost just about everyone close to him. However, it could be that there is a Thor out there in the multiverse that didn't just lose his mother, he killed her himself.


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