10 Worst Admirals In Star Trek

In the utopian world of Star Trek, what makes an Admiral choose the life of a Badmiral?

Admiral Dougherty

For almost as long as Star Trek has been on the air, there have been admirals in Starfleet making us all wonder what the hell the actual promotion criteria are for these roles. Does a person have to demonstrate that they'll betray their uniform at the first opportunity? Or do they simply have to display cold sociopathy to advance to the next level?

Admirals in Star Trek have more often than not displayed the ability to move in the grey shades when needs be. That itself is not the exclusive means to make their way on this list, as still others have shown they saw the line they weren't supposed to cross, then giggled as they danced from one side the other.

Then there are those who will pop up here - even though they may be among the most highly decorated in the fleet. What drives a person to being a Badmiral? And exactly how many times will Section 31 find their way into the offices and rooms of those who are responsible for the security for every Federation citizen from here to Risa?

10. William Ross - Inter Arma Enim Silent Legis

Admiral Dougherty

Kicking off this list is a controversial pick - Admiral William Ross, who was one of Captain Sisko's greatest supporters during the Dominion War. While he is remembered by most as a hero, his actions regarding the deposition of Senator Cretak are a far muddier affair.

It is here that Section 31 displayed their influence over the brightest stars in the fleet. It didn't take too much convincing for Ross to agree to Sloane's plan, which in turn led Dr. Bashir to travelling to Romulus. The plan to foil a future war between the two superpowers - long before the current war had ended - may have been paved with good intentions, yet at the cost of a good person's life.

Cretak is arrested and removed from the Romulan senate, despite the friendship that existed between Ross and her. In fact, it was his intelligence on her that made her the target - as Ross says himself to Bashir, she was a patriot, one who would always seek the best case scenario for the Romulan Empire - not necessarily considering the best interests of the Federation.

The entire event is never mentioned again, yet it leaves a dark mark on the legacy of William Ross.

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