10 Worst CGI Moments In Star Trek

Decades of experience doesn't always make for expertise...


Star Trek has forever been about pushing boundaries in both storytelling and the technology that is on show. Many of today's technological advances can be traced back to what was seen in the Original Series and the Next Generation. Many of the finest shots in the franchise were filmed on a shoestring budget. One only has to watch some of the stunning fly-by shots of the Enterprise D, thanks to Industrial Light and Magic, to know that when Star Trek did it right, it really did it right.

However, the nature of Science Fiction is that sometimes there is a need to show something that doesn't exist. Early science fiction and indeed early Star Trek often relied on physical models to make the imaginary into reality. Thankfully, today we have excellent CGI imagery that can make photo realistic animals and depict gigantic star ships going head to head among swarms of fighters. Truly, there are moments of beauty that can be created in the comfort of a digital lab.

This list is not about those moments. This list is about the other moments. This list is about the moments that made the animators work harder to ensure that they wouldn't come again.

These are the worst moments of CGI in Star Trek.


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