10 Worst CGI Moments In Star Trek

10. Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan - The Genesis Wave


Starting with one of the oldies, this is an example of a bad scene from an otherwise fantastic movie. It is widely accepted that Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan is one of, if not the, best Star Trek films and so aiming criticism against it feels almost sacrilegious. However, fair is fair - the animation in this scene is awful.

While the argument can be made that this is slightly unfair as the film was released in 1982, one has to consider the absolutely phenomenal CGI work that was on display in Star Trek The Motion Picture. When compared together, the depiction of the Genesis wave seems to come from an entirely different franchise. It is an example of attempting to run before the filmmakers could walk and unfortunately, while it is certainly iconic and was reused for Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, it is not a good reflection on the ability of the franchise to deliver the beautiful visuals it would come to be known by.

However, it must also be said that while this scene sticks out like a sore thumb, the model work in the Wrath of Khan elevates the film back up. The entire sequence in the Mutara Nebula is a classic example of why real studio models were used right up until Star Trek Voyager. They may have been more cumbersome but they delivered a beautiful punch.


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