10 Worst Netflix Shows EVERYONE Should Avoid

9. Chasing Cameron

real rob netflix

One theme you'll find in a lot of these streaming shows is that what works on social media won't necessarily work anywhere else. You would think they'd learn their lesson after the abysmal Annoying Orange and Fred shows, but then Cameron Dallas doesn't generally strike as one with that kind of self-awareness.

Chasing Cameron is what you get when you have two creative minds helming a show with two VERY different ideas of where the show they're making should go. Production team Magical Elves clearly wanted to make a "warts and all" portrayal of the famous social media influencer's life and career, while Dallas clearly just wanted to use this show to promote his own brand and portray a version of himself that his audience would find agreeable.

Obviously, when you have two completely polar opposite approaches vying for control, neither goal is achieved. The show just feels empty and pointless, even if you're already one of his converted fans. Any fans of Cameron are generally better off looking anywhere else.


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