10 Worst TV Shows Of 2018 (So Far)

3. Our Cartoon President

Our Cartoon President

At once trying too hard and not remotely enough, this witless and cheaply animated political satire co-created by Stephen Colbert feels like it's forever plucking the lowest-hanging fruit possible.

Topical humour is extremely difficult to pull off in the medium of animation, largely because by the time an episode has been produced, many of the subjects it's lampooning have already been ribbed to death in talk shows and online.

With a depressing lack of savage jokes and a surprisingly dull visual style - many scenes are basic, single-shot set-ups - the ill-advised 30-minute episodes feel like an utter slog. This would've been so much more effective as a snappy, 15-minute YouTube series you can watch during your lunch break.

No matter how much you might despise Trump, this really feels like it's preaching to the converted without any imagination whatsoever.

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