10 Worst Uses Of CGI In Anime History

9. Initial D

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By now the CGI animation of Initial D is legendary among anime fans, with it being this low because - frankly, the PS2 era graphics of the cars has become part of the show's charm.

There's no doubt just enough of a following behind this show to warrant a remake of the show with slightly better CG graphics but there's plenty of doubt that any Initial D fan would WANT better graphics.

It's like making the story better in Kingdom Hearts, it's just kinda missing the point.

But with that having been said, while season 2 ironed out the graphics just enough to be noticeable but not eye gougingly horrible, season 1...is.

This show, about illegal drag racing in the winding hills of Japan, prided itself on its cutting edge CG animation when it first came out. Which many of you reading this will probably burst out laughing upon reading because the characters and the cars almost never look like they inhabit the same space.

Because while the human characters have lots of detail added to their designs, "detail" was a bit beyond even the best CG technology back then.

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