11 Best 11th Doctor Episodes

The 11 best episodes from one of the best Doctor Who eras of all time!


For many whovians out there, the best Doctor Who era is without question the 11th, starring Matt Smith as the adventuring Time Lord. And it isn't hard to see why, since it's the one many fans most likely started with.

Sure, you could argue that the fandom for the Doctor Who reboot had been steadily building ever since David Tennant took over, but the 11th era coincided with the advent of social media - particularly the "fandom" culture of sites like Tumblr and Reddit - making for a perfect storm of word of mouth spread that resulted in the hype train moving at turbo speeds and never really stopping.

If you ever watched Sherlock or the new Dracula and wondered why Steven Moffat gets so much slack, this era of Britain's most famous sci-fi show is why. But what episodes solidified that? Sure, this Doctor Who era focused quite a bit on long running narratives and mysteries, but it always remembered to have great standalone episodes in between all that. And we're gonna be looking at the best of the bunch. A lot of great episodes had to be left out to make room, leaving none but these as the definitive 11 episodes of one of the best Doctor Who eras of all time.

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