11 Great TV Shows Starring The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory

9. Melissa Raunch (Bernadette) - True Blood

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If you loved Melissa Raunch as Bernadette Rostentowski, you're probably eager to see the petite star in another TV series. However, most people forgot she popped up in the vampire love drama, True Blood; they probably didn't recognise her without her iconic squeaky voice. Raunch debuted in Season 3 as Hoyt's love interest, Summer.

When Hoyt's mother, Maxine, discovers her son is pursuing a relationship with vampire Jessica she becomes furious. In an effort to keep her boy away from Jessica, Maxine urges him to go out with Summer, who is pretty, loving, and above all, human. At first, Hoyt tries to make the relationship work due to the pressure he's under from his mother. But over time, he realises Summer is not for him and so, goes back to Jessica. Even though Bernadette can be short-tempered and independent, Raunch's character here is the polar opposite since she's doting, randy, and desperate for love.

Summer only appeared in six episodes but the character played a crucial role since she made Hoyt realise he cannot be happy with anyone apart from Jessica, securing the pair's relationship.


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