11 Great TV Shows Starring The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory

8. Kevin Sussman (Stuart) - Ugly Betty

The Flight Attendant
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Because The Big Bang Theory gang regularly hang out at the comic store, it's no surprise they became friends with the owner, Stuart, played by Kevin Sussman. Stuart may be a sweet and considerate but he's riddled with so much anxiety, he always come across as a total creep.

Kevin Sussman is probably a really nice guy in real life but he clearly has a knack for playing weirdos since he's played similar characters in other shows, including Ugly Betty. In this sitcom, the titular character tries to survive in the ruthless fashion industry while looking for love. Although she has many love interests through the show, Sussman has the honour of playing her first boyfriend, Walter.

Even though his overprotective manner over Betty and his deranged outbursts lead to lots of great banter, viewers weren't a fan of Walter. Even though the character was meant to be a jerk, Sussman was TOO good in the role, causing the actor to be booted off the show at the end of Season 1. Nevertheless, Walter was important since his mistreatment of Betty helped her stand up for herself and grow in confidence.


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