11 Great TV Shows Starring The Cast Of The Big Bang Theory

7. John Ross Bowie (Barry) - Speechless

The Flight Attendant

Even though Sheldon finds himself arguing with scientists on a daily basis throughout The Big Bang Theory, the person he antagonises the most is physicist-turned-string theorist, Barry Kripke, who's played John Ross Bowie. Because Barry has a blatant speech impediment, it would be easy for him to be a source of ridicule. However, Sheldon believes belittling someone for the way they speak to be below the belt. (However, Sheldon is totally okay with mocking every other aspect of Barry's life.) Although fans loved the pair's banter, the character only made fleeting appearances throughout the show.

So, if you wanted to see more of Bowie, he has a leading role in the 2016 series, Speechless. The comedy follows a special needs teenager, JJ, who's family always finds themselves getting into trouble. Bowie plays JJ's father, Jimmy - a loving dad whose attempts at keeping his family out of jeopardy always makes things worse.

If handled inappropriately, having a sitcom centre around a disabled person can come across as mean-spirited. But because of the airtight script, snappy dialogue, and the actors' kinetic chemistry, Speechless is a stellar comedy.


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