12 Actors Who Hated Being On Star Trek

Not everyone enjoyed the intrepid journeys where no man had gone before...


Some people would give their left arm to appear on Star Trek and some other people feel it cost them the equivalent of it. Many of the actors on this list have recent experience and many have historical experience. There has been 60 years of Star Trek history and in that time, hundreds of actors have passed through the final frontier. It stands to reason that not all of them would have had an amazing time.

Many have spoken openly about how much their time on the show affected them and their careers. Some names have come around in the years since appearing and some have not. Several of the names on this list had such a bad time that they have refused all work within the franchise again, refusing to acknowledge their part in Star Trek.

Some of these names belong to guest stars who had a rough few days but some of these actors are main characters, unlucky enough to have had some of the worst experiences of their careers in Gene Roddenberry's bright, bright future.


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