12 Actors Who Hated Being On Star Trek

12. Denise Crosby


Lt. Tasha Yar was a key character of the first season of Star Trek The Next Generation. She was tough, brave and strong, filling the role of security chief aboard the Galaxy Class star ship. It looked to be a juicy role to sink an actor's teeth into and Denise Crosby was brought in to play the part. However, she quickly became frustrated with the way her character was being used.

She has commented in recent times that she felt that if a matte painting of her legs had been done, it could have been slotted in behind the command chairs, underneath the security station. That was the impact she felt her character was having based on the stories she was being given.

In what Sir Patrick Stewart has since described as a mistake, the show failed to keep Crosby on board and she quit before the end of the season. Her character was written out by being killed by Armus, the black slime embodiment of evil. It was both a shocking and underwhelming end to a character with a lot of potential.

She was however brought back for one episode in the third season's great Yesterday's Enterprise, where we see her in an alternate timeline. Fan reaction was such that Crosby then pitched the idea of Yar having a half-Romulan daughter and Sela would go on to appear in three stories. However her first year was somewhat wasted in what could have been some real ground-laying work.


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