13 Reasons Why Season 4: What The Ending REALLY Means

5. The Death Of Bryce Walker Stays Buried

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Bryce Walker's murder in the third season of the show created a spiraling whodunit full of secrets, lies and mistrust, but in the end, the gang came together to protect one of their own. However, in framing the deceased Mongtomery de la Cruz, they inadvertently created one more threat to their own sanity. That threat was Winston Williams - Monty's lover who could prove that he didn't kill Bryce.

Throughout the season, the secret threatened to come out as Clay's mental health declined as a direct result of Winston's presence at Liberty and the continual pressure from the football team who were convinced their former buddy was innocent. And as Winston got closer to Alex, he figured he was getting to the truth. What he didn't expect, however, was to fall in love with Alex while doing so.

His readiness to drop Jessica in it was quashed when he realised that she wasn't the one who did it because, upon realising it was Alex - and, perhaps more importantly, why Alex did it - he called off his investigation, giving him the evidence and one parting hug.

Elsewhere, Sheriff Diaz dropped his intention to reopen the case. It's implied that he figured out that Deputy Standall was protecting his son and, as a father himself, decided against causing more heartache.

With that, the secrets, lies and tragedies of Liberty High can remain buried forever, allowing so many of the school's victims the chance to move on with their lives once and for all... and perhaps even find some happiness while they're at it.

Speaking of which...


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