15 Failed Comic Book TV Shows That Only Lasted One Episode

13. Wonder Woman (1974)

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Before Lynda Carter had the chance to play the Amazonian superhero, Wonder Woman; there was already a failed attempt at bringing the hero to the small-screen. 1974's Wonder Woman premiered on NBC as a TV movie, though the film was a pilot for an intended television series. Cathy Lee Crosby took on the role and the results were less than stellar.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Crosby) is the secretary to a government agent. She is soon thrust into a world of international intrigue and danger. Her mission is to pursue a villainous individual named Abner Smith (played by typecast bad guy actor Ricardo Montalban). Overall, this particular iteration of Wonder Woman is pretty confusing.

First of all, it'€™s Cathy Lee €“ with no change of haircut or hair color. It'€™s very contemporary and has some adult innuendo throughout. And Wonder Woman has pretty limited powers €“ mostly Kung Fu of an Amazon variety. Also, the hero is not in her recognizable classic costume, she€™'s in an outfit that more closely resembles a female Evel Knievel. Wonder Woman is a strong character who fights evil and looks good doing it. Crosby looks good but her acting is simply disappointing. The Shaft-like music is another cringe-worthy aspect of the film. As a side note, try counting the number of times someone uses a telephone during the film. You could make a drinking game out of it.

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