15 Failed Comic Book TV Shows That Only Lasted One Episode

12. Archie: To Riverdale And Back Again (1990)


it was recently announced that The CW would be launching a new series based around Archie Comics' Riverdale. However, for a select few, this might feel like déjà vu. Indeed, back in the early '90s a failed TV movie was produced that was meant to serve as a pilot for a possible series.

Archie: To Riverdale And Back Again followed the titular character and his childhood pals fifteen years after graduating from Riverdale High. The concept behind the movie was to combine the long-standing familiarity of Archie from the comics with adult issues. This leads to a lot of things that you would never have seen in the comics at the time. One scene finds a scantily clad Veronica pleading for Archie to have sex with him. Another scene finds Jughead (and his son) rapping, because apparently that's a thing that movie characters did at the time.

Overall, it's a poor tribute to an American icon, and these characters should never have been portrayed as anything but teenagers.

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