15 Greatest Comic Book Cartoons Of All Time

4. Justice League (Unlimited)

Featuring a vast array of DC superheroes and villains, Justice League was one of the most ambitious projects ever for Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. They had a clear success with Batman and Superman beforehand, but Justice League required a perfect balance for such a grandiose superhero team. It is without a doubt though, DC's finest depiction of the Justice League, and it honestly puts all other team-based animations to shame. The creators of the show realised all the characters perfectly; Batman was stand-offish, Superman wasn't particular all-powerful and Flash regularly acted as the comedy relief. It supported the perfect mix of characterisations, which obviously meant there were confrontations and disagreements within the group. It added that little dynamic for the show, which other cartoons seemed to lack. After the second season, the show was renamed to Justice League Unlimited, as it started to sustain a much larger amount of superheroes. Lesser known characters received the spotlight and the show greatly profited from the brave move. Of course, the animation was flawless and the stories were deep and fulfilling. There were clearly mature themes running throughout the show, and it's great looking back and noticing all of those risqué jokes that miraculously got past the censors. Justice League was a groundbreaking show for its time, and it will be remembered for being the finest superhero team cartoon ever made.
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