15 Things We Learned From Friends: The Reunion

The cast finally confirms whether Ross and Rachel were on a break or not.

Friends: The Reunion

The day has finally arrived. Some 17 years after Friends ended its 10-season run, the cast are back for Friends: The Reunion, a two-hour special which unites all six main cast members for a sit-down chat about the show and its inestimable legacy.

While it's fair to say that the reunion is ultimately lightweight to a fault, it's nevertheless sure to be catnip to fans of the show, if only to see this iconic sextet of actors back under the same roof.

In addition to catching up with the cast members and waxing nostalgic on the series itself, The Reunion is also filled with fascinating reveals and tidbits about the show's creation that even the most hardcore fans likely don't know.

From the absolute nightmare of casting the show to incredible stories about how iconic moments came to be and everything in-between, this is an undeniable treasure trove of informative fan service to savour.

And savour is the operative word, because if the cast stay true to their word, this really is the last time you'll ever see all six actors talking about the show together...

15. This Is Only The Second Time The Cast Have All Been Together Since The Show Ended

Friends: The Reunion

One of the most surprising tidbits revealed early on in the reunion is the fact that this is only the second time since Friends' series finale that the six main cast members have all been together in the same room.

In the 17 years since the 2004 finale, the cast have only met up as an ensemble once before for a dinner in 2019, though assured fans that they do stay in touch by phone regardless.

Fans hoping that these reunions might become a more regular fixture, however, had their dreams dashed when Courteney Cox confirmed that this is the last time the group will talk publicly about the show together, and that they have no desire for another reunion show in another 15-or-so years.

Cox did, however, insist that they will meet up more regularly in private.

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