20 Best TV Shows Of 2015

19. Orange Is The New Black

As 2015 approaches an end, there hasn't been an awful lot of chatter about Orange Is The New Black. Part of that is likely because so many other superb Netflix shows debuted this year (three of which you will find in the top half of this list), but also because it was quite an uneven season. At times extremely dark, and others light, it was up-and-down over exactly what kind of show this was (no wonder awards bodies get confused), yet it was still a very good watch, and I'd argue that it stands against the first two seasons more than some would give it credit for. In particular this season felt like an ensemble piece, something that started to happen last year, and a lot of the characters are really well served. Standouts include Pennsatucky, who had one of the most devastating stories of the year; Big Boo, who formed a touching relationship with Pennsatucky; Suzanne and her Time Hump Chronicles; and Black Cindy, who decided to become a Jew, at first because she'd get better food, but in the end it actually felt like a proper and emotional arc. The great season finale tied a lot of strings up, but also set the stage perfectly for Season 4: Stella is still in prison, new inmates are on their way, and Alex may well be dead.
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